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Prof. Sarkar as a researcher studied many fields and disciplines namely Manufacturing System, Production System Analysis, Production Planning and Control, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Management, Operations Research and Optimizations, Boolean Algebra.


Prof. Sarkar teaches various subjects both for graduate and undergraduate students. For details course related information click below.


After joining as an International Faculty in Hanyang University, ERICA, South Korea he received a few awards which showcases his achievements. Dr. Biswajit Sarkar was awarded Best Research Paper Award for presentation of research paper in KSIE conference, Seoul, South Korea on 23rd October, 2014.

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I honestly say that there are no sufficient words as well as sentence to describe my respected, my friend, my philosopher, my guide, my everything…..Prof Sarkar. He always works for the welfare of students, for the man in society. I feel lucky myself being a student and scholar of Prof. Sarkar. I enjoy every moment spending time with him. Like a sun Prof. Sarkar always spread lights all over world through research and others motivated works. Prof. Sarkar always encourage everyone to move forward…. Thanks to Sarkar family for supporting me. Sir god bless you.”

Shaktipada Bhuniya Research Scholar, India

“I think Prof. Sarkar is beyond and above any testimonial. No testimonials are sufficient to describe him properly. If I dare to write a testimonial, then the ‘testimonial’ itself will be another thesis.”

Raj Kumar Bachar Research Scholar, India

“It has been wonderful to have you as facilitator. I appreciate all the things that you have done for us, every little things. A very nice academic journey is started with you which is enriched with lessons. I would like to thank you and wish for a long journey. “Miles to go before I sleep”

Rekha Guchhait Research Scholar, India

“A good teacher that doesn’t mean he is most favourable and closed to his students. It is the power. Professor Sarkar is the person who has that magnetic power. Teachers are backbone of every student but according to me, he makes over a student’s quality. He is very helping person to others also. Sir, may get conferred upon with the greatest crown on your head.”

Baishakhi Ganguly Research Scholar, India

“I am really lucky being a student of this great teacher. His hard work, teaching technique, speaking power, personality always attract me. He is the real definition of Teacher. Some time when we are in trouble and pray in front of GOD to help us, GOD never directly meet us, always come in different looks to help us, Dr. Sarkar is one of them. He is real GOD to me. His helping nature is not comparable. I am really felling proud to have such kind of friend, philosopher, and guide.”

Bikash Koli Dey Research Scholar, India

“I would say that the best aspect about Prof. Sarkar is learning. Not only he is a great teacher but also a great human being.”

Mitali Sarkar Postdoctoral at Hanyang University

“I always feel that I am so lucky to be a student of Prof. Sarkar. The thing I admire the most about Dr. Sarkar is the support I am receiving from him.”

Suman Kalyan Sardar Ph.D Student at Hanyang University

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Dr. Biswajit Sarkar currently is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial and Management Engineering of Hanyang University, South Korea.

Before Hanyang University he was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics with Oceanology and Computer Programming, Vidyasagar University, India during 2010 to 2014. During 2009 to 2010 he was an Assistant Professor in Darjeeling Government College, North Bengal, India. He has completed his Post-Doctoral Research on “A Mathematical Approach in Inventory Management” from Pusan National University, South Korea under the guidance of Prof. Ilkyeong Moon (Now Professor of Seoul National University ) and Prof. Won Young Yun during 2012 to 2013.

He has completed his Ph.D from Jadavpur University, India on “Modelling on production Planning and Inventory Management: A Mathematical Approach” with CSIR fellowship under Prof. Kripasindhu Chaudhuri and Dr. Shib Sankar Sana during 2008 to 2010. He completed his Philosophy (M.Phil) in Boolean Polynomials from Annamalay University under Prof. Abdul Ali (Professor of Jamal Mohammad College) during 2006 to 2008.

He has completed his M.Sc in Applied Mathematics from Jadavpur University, India, During 2002 to 2004 in Applied Mathematics. His B.Sc degree is in Mathematics as major from Jadavpur University during 1999 to 2002. He has published several research papers in international journal of repute including the journal, European journal of economics, Applied Mathematical Modelling, Applied Mathematics and Computation, Annals of Operation Research, Expert Systems with Applications, Economic Modelling and Others. Presently he is serving as the Editorial Board Member of several journals. Recently he became the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Engineering and Applied Mathematics, DJ Publications.